Sunday, February 12, 2006


We have snow!!!!

Lots of snow. :o)

And Labs love snow. Especially our Blizzard Boy Baxter.

Baxter and Elsie romp...

while Ridge wrassles a "greenie" bone in the warmth and comfort of the family room.

Ridge can take or leave snow. He'd rather hang inside with us.

Elsie enjoys it (well, an adventure is an adventure, of course, and Elsie is always up for an adventure). But she comes in now and then to warm up and dry in front of the fire.

Baxter relishes snow. And he'd stay out in it all day if we let him.

That's my boy!

More to come...

'Til next time,


Lost in Scotland said...

WOW!...I heard you all had snow...we have none here, except at the tip of the Highland mountains (Ben Lomond and Nevis have it)...there is nothing like a dog and little mutt loved it...and like Baxter, Sheba, could stay out all day if we let her.

HanktheDog said...

Looks great! Feel free to link to Hank, and I'd like to link to Tails as well. Thanks for the pics!