Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On A Lighter Note: Great Mug!

I've written here before about how Dear Hubby and I don't collect all the typical Lab (or dog-lover) trinkets. Much of the stuff out there isn't made well, we don't have room for it anyway, and more often than not it doesn't depict anything that looks even remotely like our Labs.

The exception is this GREAT mug that my dear friend Kathy gave me last year for my birthday.

It's a FunnyFace mug, and the image really looks like Elsie when's she's being a nudge (Ridge has rubbed off on her).

And I love the saying on the back of the mug: "Oh Happy Day!"

Now isn't that just like Labs?

Over a year later, my "Oh Happy Day!" mug is still going strong. And it makes me smile every time I use it. Thanks, Kath! :o)

Labs: you gotta luv 'em.

'Til next time,
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