Sunday, February 10, 2008

Comment from Elsie

I may be a grown-up.

I may even be a mom.

But I sure still like romping in muddy run-off streams!
I figure you're never too old to play. :o)

I especially like it when Kenya romps with me (but you can't see the mud on her as well).

Aren't we pretty?

In this last picture (above), we're waiting for Dad to get our (yuk, ahem, cough-cough, blechy blechy) bath ready.

We like streams, but we don't like baths.

Go figure.

'Til next time,

Elsie (for Mama Joan, who also still like to play)


kaps said...


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JuliaR said...

It's like when they love to hang their heads out the car window but they hate it when you blow in their faces. :)

Charlie said...

Elsie, I'm 55+ & still like to play! And my Aunt Madge can't get her shoes on fast enough to come out & join us, so you're in (hopefully) good company!
- Charlie's mom

Mary said...

I too love to play in the mud and I'm human! My little Hope girl, loves to play in the mud so much that she becomes a chocolate lab instead of a black lab! Always have fun no matter how old you may be!

Joan said...

Charlie's Mom and Mary -- you're people after my own heart. I STILL love to play (and am still wondering when I'll really become a grown-up).:o)

Julia -- yes, our Labs are full of inconsistencies, aren't they? But it sure makes them fun!!! ;o)

I wouldn't trade life with our unpredictable, keep-us-always-smiling gang for anything. They do keep me young. :o)