Monday, February 04, 2008

One More Whine (addendum to last post)

Okay. It's certifiably ridiculous now.

My mother is out in AZ where it's supposed to be warm, and it's been a whopping 40s (F) there.

Meanwhile, today, in southeastern PA where it's supposed to be cold, forecasters say we may hit 70 degrees (F). We're told we'll break the existing record for warmth on this date (65 degrees), which is recorded from 1865 (yes, I typed that correctly -- eighteen sixty-five).

It hasn't been this warm here in February for 143 years!

Oh, and on Sunday (3 days from now), the highs are predicted to be in the 20s (F).

No wonder everyone here is sick.

You watch; we're going to get a huge winter blast in March or April, just when we're all ready for spring.

(Sorry... couldn't resist the whine.)

In the meantime, the canine kids are enjoying the mud!

'Til next time,

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