Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Girls

Girls and boys are different.


You'll never get me to think otherwise.

It doesn't matter whether human or canine, genders differ in remarkable ways from the get-go, and they develop differently over time, too.

Just look at the girls' focus above: Elsie, Pinot, and Kenya (back to front) have the ability to focus a long time without distraction; Ridge (our in-tact boy) gets antsy, and Baxter (our neutered boy), well, he could just give a rip.


My twin sister discovered this truth this week teaching her yougest -- a son -- to drive. He passed his permit test on Thursday, so DSS (Dear Sweet Sister) took her 16yo (of the male variety) out to practice driving afterward, and what a white-knuckle experience it turned out to be!

It's not that she isn't experienced teaching kids how to drive -- DSS taught her DD to drive a couple years ago. But her DD drove slowly, cautiously, and with great breaking anticipation when approaching stop signs or red traffic lights.

Not so with drivers of the male persuasion.

I noticed the same thing when teaching my youngest son to drive.

And when riding in the car with both my father (God rest his soul) and my father-in-law.

And when riding with DH.

And when accompanying friends when their hubbies are driving.

It's just a guy thing -- this need for speed and the propensity for quick acceleration and abrupt stops.

Male canines are the same: fast acceleration; quick stops; shorter long-term focus; less endurance.

The girls may start slow and stop slow, but, boy, do they have endurance and focus!

Maybe that's why we're the child-bearers and nurturers, while the guys are the thrill-seeking hunters.

We have the perseverence, stamina, and attention-span; they have the short-burst strength, intensity, and energy.

That's they way it's been; and I suspect (despite feminist rhetoric) that's the way it will be. And, if we're honest, we really need both in this world.

At least that's what my life experience (both human and canine) has taught me.

What about you?

'Til next time,

P.S. Little Pinot does occasionally break focus (see below); she is just a puppy after all (read the last post about rushing it!)

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