Friday, May 16, 2008

The Couch Potato

Baxter Boos. Gotta luv 'im.

We've had a chilly spring here in southeastern PA (I'm loving every minute of it), so we only just pulled out the deck furniture and cushions and such. There I was Sunday afternoon (Mother's Day) scurrying around washing table tops and fluffing porch furniture cushions preparing the deck for our first relaxing evening outside of the season.

So how long after I set up the couch cushions do you think it took Baxter to reclaim the deck couch?

I wasn't timing, but it was definitely less than seven minutes.

Look, Mom! I got the couch! :o) Ohboyohboyohboyohboy!

And look, I even have a pillow for my head!

That's the Boos: our Couch Potato. Indoors and out.

Just what am I going to do in July when Baxter moves to Maine with my daughter and her new husband?

Did I tell you all that? Sarah and Chris will marry at the end of next month (June 28), and when they move to Maine in July (for Chris to start med school), they'll be taking Snickers the Cat and Baxter Boos with them.

Baxter and Sarah are buds (well, Baxter is buds with all our human kids). And Chris and Baxter have bonded incredibly well since Chris started to get to know our family. They're buds, too.

And with the hours that will be required of Chris in med school, we all felt better about Sarah having a dog around so she wouldn't be quite so alone. A puppy was out of the question: neither Chris nor Sarah will have the time or availability to train a pup.

And since Baxter is such a good egg,
AND since Baxter is SO jealous of the attention the other dogs receive (he LOVES 1:1),
AND since Baxter is perfectly fine with being a house dog (as opposed to a working retriever or outdoor dog),
AND since Baxter can be an imposing presence (safety for Sarah)
AND since Baxter loves Sarah and Chris (and they love him to pieces),
AND since Baxter is already neutered (meaning he can go to dog parks and such),...

the decision for Baxter to move to Maine with the newlyweds seemed (and seems) like the right choice.

He'll be a constant for the young couple during a time of high stress and change.

That's a good thing.

But he's my Baxter Boos.

We'll still get to see him (whenever Sarah and Chris come home to visit). And he'll stay with us when they go on vacation or travel or do what young couples do to get away.

But I won't have my couch potato here watching my every move throughout the day or hogging the sofas indoors and out.

Somehow I think the sofas are going to seem pretty empty come July.

I guess that means we'll just have to find another little black Lab boy to fill the void (grin).

But no one will ever be able to replace my Baxter.


'Til next time,


juditudes said...

I luv the 'middle' names you give your lababies!

Your blog continues to make my day! I look forward to seeing what's going in labland every day.

What a wonderful, sacrificial gift you are giving to your daughter and new son by sending Baxter Boos
to Maine with them. Maybe the Maine air will bring out the inner-retriever in ole Bax -- if not, he will always have new couches to conquer! Either way I know he'll be greatly loved near and far.

Hope the wedding plans are moving smoothly and I pray that the big day will bring lots of joy, fun
and special memories for you and your family :)


Joan said...

Hi, Judi,

Yup, the wedding plans are going well. We're in countdown mode (just six weeks now).

And Maine will be good for the Boos. Actually, probably better because he thrives on 1:1.

I think LabLand is finally back (after my inconsistency of late) -- life is still yucky, but stabilizing, and I'm rebounding (finally). The labbies help tremendously, as you know.

Hope all is well with you and your gang!