Monday, May 19, 2008

Some Retrieving Shots - Just for Fun

Pinot: I got it! I got it! I got the bone first!

Pinot: Baxter move out of the way! Can't you see I'm trying to take this to Mom?!

Elsie: Okay, Little Squirt. I AM still the Mom here!
Kenya: Come on, Guys, do you really have to run so fast ALL the time?!

Kenya: Look, Mom, I still get to the bone before Pinot does sometimes! And I'm still a GREAT retriever!
Baxter: Retrieve? Who? Me? You must be kidding! Let the girls do it.

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Finn's Dad said...

Those guys are so lucky to have such a wonderful yard to retrieve in. Finn wishes he had such a wonderful place to romp as well, but he has to settle for dog parks.

Finn's Dad

Joan said...

I don't know, Finn's Dad. It sure seems like Finn has some great places to retrieve, too!

Our gang (the LabTails gang: Baxter, Elsie, Ridge, Kenya, and Pinot) doesn't travel nearly as much as Finn does (maybe we're lazy BECAUSE we have the yard).

Oh, they get walks on country roads and romps at the hunt club and swims at the cottage (during the summer months), but usually our training and retrieving is just in the back yard. They don't get to go to the beach or the ocean or to dog parks out here.

Finn's one lucky dog to have a owner like you!

Best regards to you, to Finn's Mom, and of course to Finn (give him a good butt-rub or ear-scratch from the gang out here in PA).

Enjoy that CA weather!

And thanks for commenting -- it's good to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

We need a nap now....We're kinda girly girl dogs and we like to leave the retrieving to the REAL retrievers.

Meesh said...

Being the first time owner of a chocolate lab, (one and a half year old Chester) I happened across your blog in search of "all things lab" a while back. I have come to love your blog and check in as frequently as work allows. It got me to thinking, if we could just harness that lab energy it would solve the fuel crisis and if we could capture and bottle the lab happiness there would be no more wars. Thanks for all the great pictures and stories! Chester's Mom

Joan said...

Chester's Mom,

I LOVE your solutions to our energy crisis and world conflict.

If only...


Chester's pretty lucky to have a mom like you!

Thanks for commenting,