Friday, March 27, 2009

Baxter Comes to Visit, or Does Absence Really Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Guess who's been here all week while DSD and DSIL are in visiting from Maine.

Yup, it's the gigunda Baxter boy! My Boos Buddy (well, now Sarah's and Chris's Boos Buddy). :o) My big galoot with the massive head and shark-like overbite.

I've missed his crooked-tooth grin.

In fact, I've missed Baxter so much that he reached near-Saint status in my imagination. He has the gray muzzle now to confirm it (and he's only 6 yo). The wizened old man.

I guess there is some truth to the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

And now I know why: during absences we forget all the things that drove us crazy. It's that Rose-Colored-Memory-Syndrome.

One of the things I completely forgot about is the disgusting sounds Baxter makes when he gives himself a bath. Yuk...blech...grosso-barfo. Think wet, snorty, slurpy, inhaling-over-your-tongue gurgling sounds. None of the rest of the gang comes even close. Major yuk.

He is simply the noisiest groomer (slurp, slurp, slurp....)! And there's no ignoring him.

Baxter is also quite jealous. If we pay attention to any of the other dogs in his presence, he squiggles his way right in to be King of the Butt-Rubs.

And if that doesn't work, he barks -- oh how he barks! It's one of those "pay attention to me or I'll keep barking" barks. And he keeps it up.

Again, the rest of the crew doesn't come close. They may nudge or jump or wiggle, but they don't bark with jealousy. And his is a piercing, resonant bark (oh my aching head!).

Then there's the drool. Did you notice the shiny white thread running between Boos' eyes in his toothy-grin-picture above? Yup... that's saliva. With his overbite he's always had a serious drool issue (kinda like Hootch, in the movie Turner and Hootch), but it got worse when he lost his upper front teeth in the tug-o-war match with Kenya two years ago.

Come to think of it, that's when I started wearing a towel over my shoulder all day. And to think I blamed the towel on hot flashes and menopause.

Now, of course, these irritations don't affect my love for Baxter in the least. When he lived with us they endeared him to me even more. Silly boy.

LOL... now they're annoying. I think I just got used to life without them, and, I suppose, without Baxter and all his idiosyncrasies.

Amazing how we forget, isn't it?

Having said that, I still love the Boos to pieces -- the goofy galoot. He's still a couch potato extraordinaire:

He's still a snuggle buddy, and he still loves his people more than anything else in the world (here's Boos with DSIL Chris):

And he still loves to sit on the hill outside watching the world go by (nope, he doesn't bark outside), and then quietly paws at the door when he wants to come in:

Yup... gotta luv my Boos, slurpies and all. We take the good with the bad.

But I have to admit I won't miss being on drool-watch after the kids and Boos return to Maine tomorrow.

Hey... is this anything like grand-parenting?

'Til next time,


Mary said... get to spoil the grandkids as much as you want then send them home to their parents all rotten. : ) No matter the annoying habits, how can you resist that face! YIKES he is handsome!

Chester's Mom said...

He is adorable. I will never understand what exactly endears a lab face to me so much.
Is it because some of their expressions are sooooooo human-like?
Or is it the "I'll put up with your nonsense because you feed me" face?

Either way-I gotta have it!
Chester's Mom

JackDaddy said...

Why did Baxter leave?

Ms. ~K said...

I remember the video watching Baxter leave with daughter and sil...
I'm so happy to see him again, in all his glory!!!
Licks and sniffs to the whole gang.

kmkat said...

Aww. Our senior dog Bear is a fross and noisy groomer, too. Unfortunately, one of her favorite times to groom is 3 am, when she is lying right next to my side of the bed.

JuliaR said...

I didn't know they could groom themselves quietly! Ours was a big slurper.

Charlie said...

Baxter is the shiniest guy! All that loud grooming apparently works!!

mlc said...

O my gosh. Your dogs are so "labby". Aren't they great? Just started searching the "blogophere" for interesting and unique doggy blogs. Our two labby faces are so different. They went to the vet today. LOL. What a riot. Just finished are S.T.A.R. puppy with the younger one. She passed. Yippee. Now it is on to attention class. Now I will have to get off dirt blogging and back to doggy blogging.