Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fun in the Snow (in better light!)

Despite the high winds and frigid temps, the canine crew still managed to put in several hours (broken up over the day, of course) of romping and retrieving in the snow. All said and done, we ended up with about 10 inches of snow (maybe a foot), and with blowing and drifting, we had some nice deep piles for the critters to pounce in.

I took over 500 photos yesterday. Hehe -- no worries, only about a tenth of what I take is ever any good, and even less than that shows up here (although I did get way too many good shots yesterday so I'm having difficulty choosing which to put up in this entry).

What follows is a random selection of the kids playing or retrieving while the sun was out or when the light was at least a bit brighter than in yesterday's early morning pictures.

Oh, the gleeful abandon of youth (or canine enthusiasm!) -- I wish I had half their romp-factor! Here they are.

Pinot and her Kong:

Tuc, our Arizona-born snow bunny, chasing Pinot (they were still doing this at 9:00 last night when wind-chills were near zero degrees Fahrenheit):

Tuc catching up to Pinot:

Tuc, Elsie, and Pinot responding to my "find it" command (Kongs don't bounce in snow; they sink):

Tuc (center) finding the Kong and escaping from Elsie (l) and Pinot (r):

All of them braving the wind (Pinot and Elsie in the next shot; Tuc, Elsie, and Rudy in the one that follows):

And then there's just plain ol' racing and romping:

(Ya gotta love Rudy's tongue action above.)

All in all it was a day filled with happy faces and snouts covered with snow. Their faces fall in order below as follows: Ridge, Rudy, Tuc, Elsie, Pinot (yes, that's really her), and then Pinot again. Nope, there's no Kenya with a face full... I think it was just too cold for her; she didn't put her face in the snow much at all:

What a crew! Stay tuned... tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday captures Pinot sniffing out Kongs beneath the snow. :o)

'Til then,


Ms. ~K said...

Wonderful pictures of happy dogs!!!
My labbies would fit right in.
I'm leaving my crew home with Hubby and headed off to play in Alaska tomorrow.
Wish I could take the dogs w/ me! (Hubby too-chuckle)

Reagan said...

Thay are so completely adorable! And HAPPY! I can feel the fun from here! :)

JackDaddy said...

You're a very lucky person! So many babies to love!

Cheryl said...

I love all of the pictures of them romping in the snow. It looks like they're having too much fun!!