Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Scents

I'm still recovering from my pinched nerve in my neck, so I won't write much, but I had to show you these.

RR knows that we've been working on powerwashing, cleaning, and water-sealing our deck -- a much bigger and longer process than we remembered, especially the prep work. The good news is that it's finally done.

The bad news (for the Lab kids) was that they had to remain indoors the entire time DH was applying the seal and then while the seal dried. Thankfully, DH used a power sprayer, so it went quickly (and we actually had a few days of NO rain!).

Here are a few shots of the canine crew (including Gracie, DTS's visiting Golden Retriever) exploring a new land of scents and odors that was once so familiar. These capture their first time out on the deck after the sealing was complete and dry.

The gang: Oooooo. Ahhhhhh. Hmmmmm. Lookin' mighty fine!

Pinot: Sealed deck? So? Outta the way. Comin' through. I have a KONG!

Pinot: No, really... a KONG!

Elsie: Mmmmmmmm. New scents!

Elsie: Yup, can still laze in the sun!

Elsie: Huh. Still doesn't smell quite right. Better roll on it just to be sure.

Gracie (DTS's golden): Oh boy, Elsie. That looks like fun! I'll try it, too!

Tuc and Ridge: Who cares about scents? DAD's over here!
Whatcha doin' Dad? C
an we help ya? HuhhuhhuhhuhhuhCanwehelpyahuhwhatchadoin?Huh?

Kenya: Picnic table? Yup. Still here. Check.

Tuc: You were right, Kenya. Good work. Thought I should double-check though. It's a guy thing. Picnic table, check!

Tuc: Ahh... guess I'd better not pee here anymore. Dad won't be happy.
Ridge: I won't if you won't. Deal?

Elsie: Railings. Check (don't even think about double-checking ME, Tuc!).

Tuc: Okay, nevermind. Excitement's done. Too hot. Time to go inside. You can finish without me. I give you permission. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just let myself in.

Such helpful kids.

'Til next time,

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polly's path said...

Helpful AND precious.