Monday, July 13, 2009

Mr. Hose: Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde

RR knows that when I turn on the water outdoors 23-month-old Pinot comes running. She relishes playing with the hose and its spray (if you have any doubt, look here.) Puppy Tuc enjoys the hose, too, but his water-frenzy is nothing compared to Pinot's.

Pinot adores Mr. Hose.

As far as she's concerned, Mr. Hose is a benevolent Dr. Jekyl who provides great fun and entertainment.

Ahh.... but Dr. Jekyl-Hose morphs into Mr. Hyde Hose when DH takes a bottle of shampoo, a towel, and a canine-filled collar in hand.

Or at least you'd think that was the case by Pinot's reaction.

I captured these photos a few weeks ago when the canine kids were about to come in from playing in the mud (a great time was had by all!). Though our Lab crew lives with us and has free reign of the downstairs (well, family room, kitchen, and kennel room), they don't have license to track mud all over the house. Quick baths were in order (or a least a quick rinse off).

Here's Tuc, completely unphased, happy to stand for Dad for hosing and toweling:

Now, here's Pinot:

Poor Pinot pup. She really doesn't like Mr. Hyde Hose, especially when he becomes an instrument of hygiene.

But bring out Dr. Jekyl Hose (and a pool) ... and look out!

I so can't wait to get these guys to the cottage this summer. Who needs a hose when a lake is around?

'Til next time,


L^2 said...
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L^2 said...

(Sorry, guess I can't type today! LOL)

Willow and Stella act the same way. They love playing in the water as long as there's no bath involved. Silly pups! :-)

Charlie said...

Charlie hates Mr Hyde-hose too!