Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Fun in April!

Yup... it's been hot enough to break out the kiddie pool. And while I'll post about the rest of the gang and their heat preferences, I just had to let you know that our morph-into-a-maniac-when-the-hose-is-present Pinot is still with us.

And you thought it was a puppy thing! Ha.

The Pinot Girl had a great time trying to "kill" the big bad ugly nozzle spray. Oh, and the "gentle shower" setting on the nozzle wouldn't do; no... it had to be "sharp stream" (yes I turned down the water pressure a bit, but she never knew the difference).

Silly girl.

What's the same as last year?
  • Pinot cannot, and I mean cannot, let the hose nozzle (where the spray is) escape the pool. If it does, she hops right out and brings it back in.
  • She still thinks if she digs hard enough at the pool bottom maybe she can bury it and make it stop!
  • It's impossible for me to use the hose to spray down the deck if Pinot (and Tuc) are out there with me: they both love chasing and biting at the stream.
  • She is still incredibly adept with her paws (they're almost like hands -- she uses them like her dad, Ridge).

So what's different this year?
  • Pinot pooped out much sooner.
  • She preferred laying in the pool chewing on the nozzle to digging in the stream.
  • She seemed oblivious to any stream-setting other than "sharp" stream.

I'll have more for you tomorrow. Gotta run.

'Til next time,


Leslie Hanna said...

Oh, it looks like she is having a BLAST!

kayceebeebee said...

How cute is that? Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Hope and Pinot are sister's from different mother's. Hope also bites at the hose when we are filling up her pool, digs like there is no tomorrow and has to bite at the water when I'm using the hose. She also runs through our neighbors yard when his sprinklers are on biting at each sprinkler head. We affectionately call it "Uncle Glen's Water Park." Hope LOVES it!

Maya said...

Oh that's awesome. My black lab is just like that....biting at the stream. She even turns the outside water on, but the knucklehead doesn't turn it off.
thanks again for a smile inducing post.

hemmingforddogblog said...

My chocolate hates the water from the hose! Splashing and 'digging' in the water...well, that's another story. We also had the pool out in the unnaturally (for southern Quebec) 88F weather. All labs seem to have the same blue pool. :)

Anonymous said...

Pinot's bro Mr. Red dos the same thing. It must be in their genes.

Ms. ~K said...

Great fun...