Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter: More Fun With Captions

What a glorious Resurrection morning! In honor of the new life the Resurrection brings, I thought I'd give you the opportunity once again to provide new life to a few photos.

Yup... it's another round of Fun with Captions. I supply the pics; you supply the captions.

As usual, I've numbered the photos (in random order) and given you the names of the canine crew members (or humans) captured in each. You can reference that number (and the names) in your captions when you supply them. Do as many, or as few, as you like. Be creative. :o)

You can submit your captions through the comments feature at the end of this blog entry.

Have fun! I look forward to giggling with you. ;o)

1. Pinot:

2. Tuc:

3. Daddy Don and Ridge:

4. Elsie and Tuc:

5. Tuc:

6. Pinot:

7: Tuc and Pinot:

8. Pinot and Kenya:

9. Pinot and Tuc:

10. Pinot and Tuc:
11. Pinot:

12. Pinot and Ridge:

13. Daddy Don and Elsie:

14. Tuc and Pinot:

15. Kenya (behind Daddy Don's leg):

Happy Easter, all! Enjoy.

'Til next time,


Chester's Mom said...

You know I can't resist this!
1. My eyes adore you.........
2. All these rainy days are makin' me stir crazy!
3. This chair's not big enough for the both of us.
4. I don't know what it is, but I want it!
5. Who could blame anything on this face?
6. Ooooh yeah, that's the spot.
7. A race to the finish line, or uh, finish rope?
8.Kenya, please put on your happy face like me.
9. Tuc: watch as my lizard-like tongue steals the rope from Pinot
10. Let's dance!
11. Pinot: I'm not touching that-I think Tuc just peed on it.
12. Please put that camera away so we can sleep.
13. Hey look Dad, the Dog Whisperer comes on at 8:00 tonight.
14. Hey, ya wanna play a trick on Ridge and Kenya?
15. Where ya goin' Dad? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Happy Resurrection Day!

polly's path said...

1. Was that thunder i just heard?
2. Step away from the bone or I'll hurt ya
3. La-Z-Guys
4. I will only ask you nicely once
5. Puddle? What puddle?
6. Me needz a hug
7. Storm-y chasers
8. What!?
9. It's mine, I tell ya
10. Herding, lab style
11. The toy is possessed, friends
12. Tryin' to sleep, ma
13. Just keep scratching
14. You think we oughtta jump it?
15. Peek-a-pooch

Team 3 Dawg Flite said...

1. I saw you pick up that treat. You can't pull anything over on me.
2. You put WHAT in our supper tonight?
3. Come on, Dad. Let's do some guy stuff. Let's scratch.
4. Move that paw or lose it, kid.
5. I only chewed a small part of the couch. What's the big deal?
6. Do you really think I could be a Super Model?
7. Last one to the rope is a litter-scratchin' cat.
8. We were actually identical twins separated at birth, but Kenya went into the Witness Protection Plan and changed her appearance.
9. You lost, Tuc. You're the litter-scratchin' cat!
10. A little more tailwind and I could take off like Orville and Wilbur.
11. Hmmmm...why does it smell like poop?
12. Hey, Mom, I think Ridge had one too many margaritas. He's passed out!
13. Look Dad. The Obamas picked a Portugese Water Dog. You and I both know a Lab makes a much better pet.
14. See Tuc. This is how we girls pee. We just squat way down and let it fly.
15. Are you going to throw that bumper or just let it grow into your hand.

Mrs. Kenagy said...

I can't keep track of how the labs are related. Could you make us a Doggie Family Tree post?

How are Baxter and Snickers?