Thursday, April 09, 2009

Little Tuc Ain't So Little Anymore

On tax day, April 15th, Tuc (aka, Tucson, Tucker, the Tucmeister, Tuc-monster, Little Tuc Buddy, and the Tucster) will be 11 months old.

And I can't help but wonder: where has the last year gone?

It seems like just yesterday I picked up the little squirt in AZ and carried him home on the plane in a fit-under-your-seat pet carry-on. I can't imagine him in one now -- he's so grown up.

He isn't fully grown yet, of course. At a month shy of a year old he still has some physical and emotional maturing to do. He's all puppy at heart (a trait I suspect will stay with him even into his golden years), he gets into trouble, and he has the attention-span of a gnat (a puppy thing). But I'll take him just the way hes is. :o)

I have to remember he is still a puppy (yes, a puppy! -- all 85 pounds of him). I can't expect him to act like an adult (nor should I; it wouldn't be fair). He's still puppy-impish and will be for some time.

But what a love! Confident; full of himself; smart; athletic; impish; goofy; possessing a sense of humor (I'd swear on it); in love with life; totally committed to and in love with his people and his pack.

Tuc is all Lab.

And I mean ALL Lab -- everything a Lab should be in personality and temperament.

Now if only we could get him to pee standing still (or at least in one spot) and to keep the water in his mouth or in the bowl when he drinks!

Despite the messes, I love my little Tucmeister (uh-oh... do I detect a smidgeon of favoritism??? -- shhhhh... don't let the other canine kids know!). His zest for life is infectious. And when I watch him, or interact with him, I can't help but smile.

He's my sweet, silly, goofy, make-me-grin-like-a-buffoon boy -- my Tuc Buddy.

Gotta love him.

Now I guess I'll go clean up the puddle and drips around the water bowl and the trail of water drips spanning the family-room floor (Tuc just got done getting a drink).

And I thought Baxter was bad. :)

Still, you gotta love him.

'Til next time,

P.S. Thanks, Momma Teese, for our precious pup. He's a gift to us, and especially to me, in a ways you can't imagine. Ya done good! Head pats and butt rubs to Max and Ellie. :o)


Ms. ~K said...

Where does the time go???
My Sassy Girl will be 4 years old tomorrow and I can't believe it!!!
I wish I could laminate them all and freeze them in time...

Mary said...

Hope does the same thing with the water that Tuc does. We ALWAYS have puddles around our house after she gets a drink. My favorite is when she is drinking and she looks up midslurp and whips her head around to see what we are doing. She looks like a Lab sprinkler...water everywhere. But, she wouldn't be our Diva Princess Pony if she didn't spill water everywhere!

Thoughts said...

My, he has gotten big. I remember when you first brought him home!
He even looks like a big goofball from his pictures and you describe his sweet personality so well!

Lets not forget that some of that personality comes from who raised him....YOU!!!

Take care Joan, stop by soon:)


Hapi said...
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momma teece said...

He is so absolutely gorgeous. He looks like both Ellie and Max - the size from Maxie and the sense of humor from Ellie, she goes in the wrong kennel at night and sticks her head out and grins while Champ tries to figure out where to go!

hemmingforddogblog said...

I think you are being very kind when you say he has some emotional maturing to do! My three year old chocolate frequently reverts to 'puppyish' stuff -- the old grab something and run with it -- is still a favourite.

I guess the Canadian version of Tuc would be Tuque. :)