Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Relationships Between Our Labs - a Diagram

Okay, so I know it's tough to keep track of who's who in the LabTails gang, so I created this little chart to help you see their relationships (just click on it to enlarge it enough to read).

Note that the only connection genetically is between Pinot and her parents Ridge and Elsie. Everyone else is unrelated (Baxter was a nephew of Ridge's, but Baxter is no longer ours -- he belongs to our daughter and son-in-law and lives in Maine).

Here's how our current five stand in relationship to each

  • Ridge: unrelated to all but Pinot, his daughter from 2007 litter.
  • Elsie: unrelated to all but Pinot, her daughter from 2007 litter.
  • Pinot: only related to her parents, Ridge (sire) and Elsie (dam); unrelated to rest.
  • Note: Elsie and Ridge are not related to each other (do I hear banjo and guitar?). :o)
  • Kenya, completely unrelated to all.
  • Tuc, completely unrelated to all.

Hopefully this chart (remember, you can click on it to enlarge it) will help you visualize how they connect, and who's who (sorry about no images in the chart; couldn't figure out how to do that). I've also noted from whom we've gotten each of our Labs -- the only one of our gang that originates with us is Pinot.

FYI, here's where we're lining up on planned future litters:

  • Kenya-Ridge (should be whelped late this summer or early Fall - 2009): this will be Kenya's first litter and Ridge's last. We plan to keep one female from this litter (then we'll be at our planned maximum of six Labs on site at one time).
  • Elsie - Tuc (after May 2010)*
  • Pinot - Tuc (after May 2010)*
  • Kenya - Tuc (2011)*

*These future matings depend upon Tuc and Pinot coming through their health certs with flying colors (Pinot will be tested this fall, and Tuc, next spring after he turns 2 yo).

That's how it stands. Does that help?

My next post will be another round of questions (from comments) answered, especially regarding this recent episode with Ridge and Tuc.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement... it means a bunch!

'Til next time,


Momma Teece said...

I can't wait to see the Kenya-Ridge puppies, and of course Tuc-Elsie/Pinot -- this is going to be wonderful!

Ms. ~K said...

Your family is beautiful...thanks for the helpful info!

Reagan said...

I love your site and your sweet babies, but as an animal welfare activist, I do have a nagging question- what makes you want to breed your own labs when there are many, even purebreds, out there looking for a home? Again, no intention to attack you and and I know that all of your dogs are well cared for and so loved. :)

Teresa said...

Haven't been on labtails for quite awhile (Since Pinot was a small puppy)!! Your whole lab pack is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your future litters... :)