Saturday, July 04, 2009

Updates and Apologies

Once again, so sorry for my absence. The week after my last post was DTS's move week. She had to be out of her home of 19 years by the 26th (well, late the 25th), and then was scheduled to move into her new house on the evening of the 26th. All went well, but it was crazy, and pretty much 24/7 activity during that time.

Unfortunately, we think I pinched a nerve in my neck (cervical spine) carrying boxes or running up and down steps (who knows), because I've had increasing trouble with numbness in both hands, forearms, and now legs and feet, too.

We thought it was my old carpel tunnel issues at first (first symptoms were just in my hands), so I knew not to key much on the computer (data entry only compounds carpel tunnel). Hence my absence from the blog.

But with the numbness & tingling spreading to forearms and legs and feet, we're thinking more like a nerve thing in my neck (I did experience a few moments of sharp pings in my neck during DTS's packing/moving week, but didn't think much about them -- chalked it up to middle age aches and pains).

The doc has put me on steroidal anti-inflammatories for the next several days -- starting with high doses, then tapering off.

We're really hoping this does the trick. In the meantime, though "point-and-click" is fine on the computer, typing much is not (as in writing a whole lot).

So, I'm going to have to take a hiatus for at least another few days.

Just thought you'd like to know where we've been. Here are a few status updates:

  • All canine kids are fine.
  • None of the girls is showing any indication of heat cycles, so we're sane for a bit.
  • We're still planning to mate Kenya with Ridge with her next heat cycle, which should be anytime, and we will try to keep you posted there.
  • Tuc and Ridge are getting along fine, most of the time (hehe). No further incidents of aggression.
  • Pinot is staying small -- we call her "Peanut" now -- but is still every bit as driven to retrieve as she's ever been.
  • Kenya is still our wiggle-butt, has-to-have-something-in-her-mouth, happy-go-luck girl.
  • Elsie is our lazy bear, but enjoying not being pregnant! :D
  • Tuc is as adolescent as ever, but really growing in impulse control. He's also become our butt-in-ski, insistent lap-dog. Nobody else gets lap time if Tuc is around! :D
  • Gracie (aka Poopsies), my sister's Golden Retriever has been with us here for the past ten days, throughout DTS's move and her getting settled. Poopsies is very happy here, but misses her "mom" a whole bunch. She gets to go to her new home today (which will be just fine because her mom, aka DTS, is there!). :D
That's it for now. Neck hurts, so I'm signing off. I'll be back as soon as I can!

Until then,


JuliaR said...

Sorry about your neck! But if the symptoms persist, go back to the doctor - don't keep waiting, in case it might be something else (what, I do not know).

L^2 said...

There's no need to apologize for not blogging - it shouldn't be a chore. :-)
I hope you're feeling better soon.

Charlie said...

Hope the anti-inflammatories help and that you're feeling better soon!

Rachel said...

Sounds like all is well in Lab land. Feel better!