Sunday, June 05, 2011

And Then There Were None: Master Green Finds his Forever Family, Too

Well, we are officially puppy-less now (if you don't count one-year-old Chessie and three-year-old Tuc!).  Master Green found his forever family, and we couldn't be more pleased.

He's entering a loving, experienced-with-Labs PA family that includes his new human mom and dad, three teenage girls, and their lovely five-year-old-in-need-of-a-buddy yellow Lab (a new big brother of sorts, which will be wonderful for Master Green).  The placement seems perfectly suited for humans and canines alike.

Here's Master Green (new name as yet undecided) with his new humans:

This pup is going to be loved to pieces and trained very well, and (truth be told) I could never have let him go if I wasn't absolutely convinced of the "rightness" (if you will) of the fit for him and his new humans. I'm tickled both for Master Green and his family. It's all good.  It's all very good.

So, the pups have found their fabulous forever homes, and we've reclaimed our deck, our kitchen, our time, and (finally) our sleep -- but only as much as six canine critters and  "normalcy" will allow. It's not a bad trade. But we'll miss the little guys.

We do, however, get to hold on to the satisfaction of knowing we did all we could to give these pups a solid start in life. To boot, we've experienced the joy of watching them whelped, of seeing them develop, of loving and nurturing them, and of raising them through their first two months of life -- a privilege for sure, and one we treasure and carry with us. 

And let's not forget "puppy therapy."  Indeed, "there is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

I would add "there's also no joy like watching a puppy you've raised lick the faces of his new humans, knowing all too well the the mutual delight they're going to find in each other for years to come."  When it's right, it's really right. And it is so for all of this litter's puppies.

That makes the letting go manageable. I could never do it otherwise.

So it's all good.  And now we're back to our life with six Labs and even more life lessons for them to teach us.

And so it goes.

Until next time,


Mango said...

So bitter sweet to see them all go. Seeing Master Green in the arms of his new family brings me back to when Dexter was just a wee pup. Sounds like he found a great home. Congratulations.

Mango Momma

Monika said...

Thank you for sharing all your experiences Joan, especially as rearing pups is so demanding on your time. So pleased they have all found wonderful forever homes.
Both of my litters have arrived now and I so wish I had someone to share the shifts with!!! Very sleep deprived at the moment!!But all doing well.

JuliaR said...

I am glad and sad at the same time. I have been keeping track, if not commenting. Great job Joan.