Friday, June 03, 2011

Nine Weeks Old: Curiousity and Caution

Here's our handsome Master Green, now officially nine weeks old. Yes, that's a dry-puppy-food-crumb goatee you see there; I interrupted his dinner last night to take this shot.

Like all nine-week-olds, Master Green is inquisitive, but he's developing more caution. Puppies move into a fear imprint phase between nine and twelve weeks of age, so it's a tender time for him right now.

We continue to be impressed with these pups' intelligence and trainability (Momma Teece, Tuc has done you proud!). Master Green (and Master Yellow when he was here) figured out very quickly how to ask to be let inside (where it's cooler since we have AC indoors). And both pups took to crate training and housebreaking well (with only mild protests). Master Green consistently sits on command now, waits on command, sits automatically for his food and ice cubes, and is quite eager to learn. He's a joy to work with.

He occasionally has his moments of appearing to be an old soul -- pensively watching the world go by.

Low-key and easy-going, he doesn't seem like a nine-week-old. I admittedly forget sometimes.

He seems to be developing a nice blend of desire to please and people orientation, but also a contentment to be on his own.  I'm probably growing way too fond of this little guy. If we felt we could keep him and still do him justice, we would in a heartbeat. It's going to be very difficult to let him go, but we know it's best for him and will give him a greater likelihood of reaching his potential.

Nine weeks old is also still time of discovery. But not every discovery is a fun discovery! What Master Green failed to realize when he stuck his head in the bucket was that this particular bucket is the poo-patrol bucket (where DH collects the poo from the yard when he's on poo-patrol).

It didn't take him long to decide not to go any farther with his bucket exploration.

Oh, but there's a big world beyond the bucket just waiting to be enjoyed (and it's safe because Daddy Don is close by!).

Master Green on patrol.

And spotting Momma Joan with the camera.

There he is; the old soul again.

Perhaps his favorite discovery this week is a bit of cheese wedged inside a bone. Though our dogs don't ever get table food, we do occasionally use cheese as a treat or training incentive.  It appears Master Green will be quite cheese motivated.

Sweet, silly, smart, adorable, snuggly little boy: he's going to make a fabulous addition to some forever home someday (hopefully sooner than later, or I'll be hopelessly attached!).

A brief update: we've received a few inquiries about Master Green this week, a couple of which for various reasons would not have been the best match (but that we thankfully did not have to make decisions about -- the interested parties came to that realization themselves).

We do have a potential forever-family coming to look at him tomorrow, and we'll see how things unfold then.  In the meantime, I'm treasuring our time with the little guy. No doubt about it (no matter how much I try to deny it): I'm really going to miss him.

Stay tuned!

Until next time,


Kristi said...

He is just such a handsome boy! I wish we had room in our house for another. My daughter always tells me "If there's room in your heart there's room in your home." Oh, how I wish that were true!

CJ/Rick said...

He's a cutie.

From Mary's Pen said...

Oh Joan, he's gorgeous... reminds me a bit of our old gal Brandy. She adored cheese... when she had to have a pill, that was the cover-of-choice.

I pray his forever family comes along soon. There's just something special about finding that right friend. I looked at (literally) over 1,800 dogs on Craigslist and breeder's sites before I fell in love with Charlie's picture, and though I had doubts (wondered if I was nuts) the entire 4 hour drive to pick him up from the breeder, every single day has been only more confirmation of the right choice. Sometimes... it's just right.

Best of luck to him, and to you. May he be cherished.

Rejoicing in the day,