Thursday, June 30, 2011

Libie (the former Miss Lime) Comes to Visit!

♪ ♪  We're doing Camp Esherick again...

Yup, we have a canine visitor for the next two weeks while said canine's humans are on vacation. Here she is, twelve-week-old Libie (pronounced Libby), the only pup from Elsie's last litter with the yellow coat, formerly known as Miss Lime:

What a cutey-puhtootie!

Surprisingly, Libie seemed to  "remember" us -- or at least saw this place as strangely familiar. She recognized Elsie right away (lol... went straight for Elsie's teats!).

Libie was, of course, a bit timid when she first arrived, and she missed her humans when they left (she trotted around looking for them and whimpering a little). But she gradually settled in. Lots of love and playtime with Grandpa Don, Grandma Joan, Uncle Daniel, and Momma Elsie helped, as did a few other things (not the least of which were food and ice cubes!).

She learned that she has her very own food/water bowl here (any place with food, water, and ice cubes can't be that bad!):

She discovered she can nap next to her bowls here just like she does at home:

That said, Libie did still have a pouty moment or two when she missed her family, especially for her first few hours here:


But playing with Momma Elsie proved to be an invigorating distraction:

It was fascinating to watch Libie go from being a sweet-gentle-people-oriented-low-key puppy to becoming a full-fledged nearly adolescent canine in all-out-romp-mode while playing with Momma Elsie (who, btw, has the patience of a saint!):

Water provided another fun distraction. Libie has a "real" pool at home where she can actually swim. Here, the wading pools will have to do, and (in a pinch) there's always the water buckets:

If she gets really bored, she can always wait on the top of the steps to pounce on unsuspecting Kenya:

Or she can play hard-to-get with Elsie:

All-in-all, it's going very well.  And it's great fun to see one of Elsie's pups again. Libie will be with us for just two short weeks (which, I'm sure, will feel like forever to her family), so we'll have plenty of adventures to share.

Many thanks to Libie's family for allowing us the privilege of enjoying their "little girl" while they're away. She'll do just fine!

Next up: what's happening with the regular canine crew. We have lots to tell!

Until then,


Mary said...

The pictures of Elise and Libie together are just precious beyond words. No matter how much you love your forever family, it's always good to see Momma. Have fun with her!

kayceebeebee said...

Oh, how exciting to see "Miss Lime" again. She's so cute and looks like Elsie.

Penny said...

Doesn't she look (nearly) all growed up! Lovely to see her and momma Elsie having a really good time :)

Mango said...

I can't believe that is little Miss Lime! She did seem to have an attitude even as a baby. What fun to have her visiting.

Mango Momma

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Anonymous said...

I love the picture where they are both jumping up and showing off their full sets of teeth! They are TOO FUNNY!!!!!