Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 or 2012? Puppies Come When They Will

So we're still waiting. 

It's Gestational Day 63 since Kenya's and Tuc's first tie.  If Kenya did not conceive any pups as a result of that tie, but rather from a subsequent tie with Tuc (two days later), then it's possible that the pups are at Gestational Day 61.  Litters can be a mix of both ties, which is why the count is made from the first tie.

It appears Kenya is moving into later Stage One. She's been pacing for most of the last ten hours.  And she's stopped wagging her tail or carrying things in her mouth -- sure indicators that she's uncomfortable.

She's actively trying to hide in corners and is still occasionally nesting.

But we haven't seen any contractions yet, so we're not worrying.

 If, on the other hand, she was actively working on pushing the pups out and nothing was happening, then we'd be worried.

We checked in with the vet just a bit ago, and he's not concerned.  Kenya is a proven dam (has successfully whelped a litter before without complication).  And as long as she's not actively pushing  yet, the clock isn't yet ticking.  Once she starts contracting, we keep close track of time to better determine if an emergency C-section would be in order.

But we're not "going there" yet.  :O)

Here's the sweet Kenya Bean this morning:

She's our sweet girl, and she's clearly uncomfortable.  But her vitals are good, and she looks good, and she's clearly *not* in distress. 

So we wait.

And now the question is, are we going to have to wait until next year to see these puppies face-to-snout?

Stay tuned,


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