Friday, December 30, 2011

Early Stage One

It appears Kenya has moved into Stage One of canine labor.

  • She's nesting (instinctively digging at the floors and carpets and at the towels we have on the floors) in an attempt to build a den for her puppies. 
  • She refused breakfast this morning (a sure sign that she's on her way).
  • She's restless and uncomfortable.
  • She's panting nearly non-stop.
  • She's "needier" than usual.

"Don't leave me, Dad!"

Long-time Reader knows that Kenya is not a cuddle bug the way Elsie, Baxter, and Ridge are/were.  She usually wants nothing to do with being on the couch or on our laps. Oh, she's very affectionate and people-oriented; but she's normally quite content to just curl up on the floor at or on our feet.

But during labor (both with her first labor 18 mos ago, and with this one, too) Kenya becomes a snuggler. She wants to be on the couch pushed up against her humans, and if we get up, she gets up, too, and follows (lol.. I can't even go into the bathroom without her following!). :) 

It's a security thing, I'm sure.  She's clearly uncomfortable, and our presence calms her. We can't take her pain away, but we can walk with her through it. And, though we don't like to see her in pain, we feel privileged to be there for her.

Isn't that the way of it with humans, too? It's a privilege to care for those we love.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy Kenya's snuggles. She's usually far too wiggly ("Look! I have a bone, and I'm special!"), and when she's not wiggly, she's happy to rest on the floor nearby. 

But during labor she needs us in ways she doesn't in routine, day-to-day life. And we're happy to oblige.

So, we sit with her and wait.  We don't make a fuss, but we do stay close. And that seems to allow her to sleep and rest as she needs to.

I suspect she'll starting whleping later today sometime. Or tonight.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy a few extra snuggles.

Stay tuned!


P.S.  No active contractions yet, no fluids, and no pushing.  We're just waiting.

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