Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Day: The Gang's All Here!

Break out the champagne: our vet wins!  He predicted three puppies, and three puppies it is!

Masters Blue, Red, and Green are all doing well: gaining weight nicely, plumping out roundly (those rear legs will catch up over time), becoming more vocal in their "singing," and kneading and "swimming" like pros. They're thriving.

Momma Kenya looks great, is eating as she should, is appropriately playful when taking breaks from her pups to potty and exercise, and she is a gentle, careful, attentive dam.  We couldn't ask for a better nurturer.

A happy, content Kenya; thriving, content pups.  For a moment anyway, all seems right in my world. does my soul good.

So here they are (of course, I can't just say "at a day old" because they spread themselves out over two days; silly kids!). 

Everyone is nursing well, and Kenya seems to be rebounding quickly.

Kenya does, of course, nap, and she is still passing the typical post-whelping discharge. We use white towels (bleachable!) until she done with the afterbirth yuk. Then we'll set them up on their normal fleece bedding.

Kenya sometimes doesn't want to leave her pups to eat, so we feed her in the whelping box when she prefers. For now she's on puppy food and puppy formula to give her a calcium boost. If we see any tummy upset from her, we'll switch her to boiled beef and rice.

The fan.

The fan enlarged.;o)   (The "think-tank" perhaps?)

There's nothing like snuggling under Mom's ear (well, except maybe getting num-nums).

All is well.

And just for fun, here's a brief video of the neonate whale song:

We're still playing catch-up here (and we'll be doing our 24/7 puppy watch for a while still), but I'll be posting at least daily for a while.


Until then,


From Mary's Pen said...

Beautiful, beautiful boys, Joan. Congrats x3. It does my heart good as well, to see new life coming in to this broken old world, and bringing with it another spark of hope.

Rejoicing in the day,

mary ellen said...

congrats t you all...glad it is done and all is well...

Mary said...

Ah tears are in my eyes right now looking at those precious pictures!!!! Congrats to all of you and Hope sends her love too!

JuliaR said...

Oh my! The song! And that was just one. I remember when you had eight all at once.