Saturday, January 07, 2012

Video: Six Days Old

Life in the whelping box is still pretty quiet most of the time.  The pups eat and sleep and potty and vocalize, and that's about it for now.  My next post will note their developmental milestones so far, but for now, just enjoy their wee noises and initial movements.

Just so you know, the twitching you see in the pups as they sleep here is part of their normal neurological growth. You will also see that they can yawn now, and they can shake their scruffs, and they can roll over.  They're growing!


Sweet silly willies! :)

'til next time,


JuliaR said...

So sweet! I guess it's a lot quieter than eight! I think some of those twitches were hiccups. My goodness they are adorable.

Joan said...


No cacophony with this litter! It's so calm and quiet; I hardly know what to do with myself. :O)

Oh my, and they *are* little chunky monkeys (or plumpty dumpties). Squeezable!!! :