Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quick Pic Check-In (Just Over Three Weeks Old)

We sleep on our backs.

We climb.

We look for toys.

We wrassel.

We use our eyes more.

We have TEETH!

We strut.

We stretch.

We chew on each other.

We paw.

We sleep (we like corners and piles).

We investigate.

We're not quite brave enough to leave the den (aka, the whelping box) on our own yet, but we will be soon.

We love it when our humans sit in the whelping box with us.

But we play with each other, too.

Sometimes our teeth hurt.

We like toys to chew on (they help our gums feel better).

We love our humans (we even pee on their sweatshirts!). :O)

Humans' feet smell really interesting.

Toys smell different than what we're used to.

We investigate together (the herd!).

We grasp things with our tiny teeth now.

We like to spread out somtimes.

But we feel safer together for now.

Oh, and we can hear!  Our human made noises to see if we'd respond.

We couldn't quite find her, be we alerted! :)  

That's a quick report from the whelping box. :)  All is well.

'til next time,


Mary said...

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? Thanks for the smile this morning!

Teri Tith said...

Great report. Photos really say it all!