Sunday, July 22, 2007

Baxter's Away Playing at the Cottage

Sweet Daughter Sarah (SDS) and her significant other, Chris, took Baxter with them to the cottage this weekend.

Yup, just the Baxter Boos. Nobody else.

Sarah and Baxter are buds. Can you tell?

Ridge, Elsie, and Kenya are sorely depressed. The funny thing is they knew when Sarah and Chris were leaving where they were headed. And, boy, were they disappointed when they couldn't join them in the car!

Poor canine kids.

But it's good for Baxter to get his 1:1 time with SDS (they really are special buds). And it's good for Sarah, too.

At least it's cool here now, so all three don't need the trip. And we won't have to worry about ear infections or limber tail in Elsie or Ridge (common after trips to the cottage, and something we want to avoid with Elsie in case she's pregnant).

But all three are acting more subdued than normal. Even Kenya (aka, wiggle-butt-peanut-head). I think they miss Baxter.

The pack's just not the same without him!

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

The pack always knows. :)

PS Elsie sure looks pregnant in that last photo!

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