Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's Looking Likely...Gulp!

Well, we're at 25 days since Elsie and Ridge first mated (they mated twice), and the books and vet manuals tell us that you really can't tell if a Lab is pregnant until at least 24 days after mating, more definitively after 28 days (when the pups spines have started to develop and you can actually see them on an ultrasound).

So Don is calling the vet today to set Elsie up for testing (I have to adjust our countdown clock above once we have the ultrasound date).

But it's sure looking like she may be pregnant:

  • she's acting differently: she seems tired and more low key
  • her teats are looking a little bigger (but not engorged)
  • she looks wider (from above, not below)
  • she seems a little insecure (she needs more touch and closeness)
  • her belly feels firmer

Big gulp.

I hate not knowing for sure.

We'll keep you posted!

'Til next time,

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