Saturday, July 21, 2007

Looking Likely - Part 2

THREE MORE WEEKS!!!! That's how long we have to wait for x-rays.

The vet's office said they'd x-ray her after Day 47.

Geez-Louise! That's, like, only two weeks before she'd be ready to deliver!

They said that when they verify her pregnancy, they want to count how many puppies she's carrying so they wait that long since the pups' spines will be developed enough by then to count them. And they don't see any sense in testing now and then both (to spare both her and the pups).

I get it. And, I guess I agree. Reluctantly.

But I'm a Nervous Nellie. This is Elsie after all.

So we're treating her like she is pregnant (regular, moderate exercise; healthy diet; keeping her from being stepped on by the other canine kids, giving her the attention she needs).

She sure is acting like she's pregnant, laying around even though it's delightfully cool (only in the 70s this weekend -- a rarity in July here).

I mean, she doesn't even rise to greet us like usual.

She does play and run and such, and she's alert and attentive, and she still opens the back door on her own, and she still rises to bark at other dogs and strange sounds, so she's not sick.

But she didn't eat breakfast this morning.


Do pregnant canines experience fatigue and morning sickness the way humans do?

I wonder.

It's going to be a VERY long three-more-weeks until x-rays.

I hope I can stand it.

'Til next time,


Nikki K said...

This is so exciting! Our girl Belle acted the same way during her pregnancy. She had 10 pups! Alot, but we expected a bunch, since she and her mom both came from a litter of 10. -Good Luck :)

"Sunshine" said...

I don't envy the waiting game you are in the midst of.

Take a deep breath and let it out really slow. She may be picking up on some of your nervousness.

If she's always been your intuitive girl let her know she's got nothing to worry about, that she'll be an awesome mom.

You all are going to be just fine.


L^2 said...

Three more weeks - good grief!!!

Well, I guess you just have to try to relax and hope the time passes quickly. Good luck!