Monday, July 02, 2007

Countdown Clock


So we know Elsie and Ridge mated (successfully tied) twice during Elsie's prime fertility period.

And we know Ridge has successfully sired other litters with other females.

And we know Elsie is in prime health.

But we don't know if she actually conceived as a result of this mating, and we won't for another few weeks.

So, for my sanity, and so I don't have to keep counting days on the calendar, I've added a permanent countdown clock (from ClockLink) at the top of this page just so we'll all know when it's time for Elsie's pregnancy test.

And then, if she's positive, I'll change the clock so it counts down to her due date.


Otherwise I'd be leafing through the calendar almost every day, driving me and everybody else crazy.


Can you tell I'm nervous?

Man...if it's like this with my canine kids, I wonder what it will be like when our human kids start having kids.


'Til next time,


Mary said...

Your dogs are beautiful and I can't wait to see puppy pictures! Good luck becoming a grandmother!

Joan said...

Thanks, Mary. We'll see.

Only 2.5 weeks to go to find out if we have puppies in the oven. :o)


Jamie said...

Can't wait to hear if Elsie is a mom! So exciting!