Thursday, March 17, 2005

Elsie's Latest Trick

Okay. When Elsie learned to open the back door it seemed like an anchievement at the time, one I didn't want to discourage her in by locking the door.

But now, it may be time to flip the deadbolt.

Elsie's habit of coming in at her discretion would be fine, mud not withstanding, if she didn't so enjoy picking up things from inside and carrying them back outside again.

Here's the shortlist of what I've found outside after Elsie's in-and-out adventures:

kitchen towels
dirty laundry (only darks so far, thank goodness!)
Ridge's food bowl (note: not Elsie's)
Don's running hat
Don's fleece glove
the leather fireplace glove
my running shoe
my leather clog
an empty soda can
the dogs' training dummies
a broom (yes, you read that correctly)
Baxter's fleece bedding (note: not Elsie's)
a vacuum cleaner attachment
and, of course, various Kongs, Nylabones, rope chews, Dentabones, and tennis balls

Thankfully, she often returns these items to the doorstep after she's done romping through the yard with them (often, but not always). Otherwise our backyard would be littered with her treasures

Ah. Our little Elsie girl (the imp)! She's a smart one; I'll give her that.

She may be too smart for her (and my) own good. :o)

'Til next time,

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Kiwi's Mom said...

Elsie is such a trip!! Kiwi does the opposite, I always have to check her before she comes in or she will bring in sticks, rocks, leaves, and anything else she can get her mouth on.