Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Tale of Three Tails

Once upon a time, three Lab tails discussed to which type of Labrador they'd like to be attached.

Yellow Tail, who was proud but timid, said "I want to find myself swaying from a spunky, out-going female retriever. I want to stand high and curled so my human owners spot me in the field and so other dogs think my Lab is really bigger than she is. But if something frightens my Lab, I want to tuck and help her run."

Black Tail, the biggest of the lot, felt no need to boast his size or to fear the world. He said, "I want to be attached to a gentle giant: an oversized black with the perfect blend of impishness and gentleness. I want to wiggle and waggle and announce my Lab's love for the world."

Fox Red Tail, the oldest and wisest of the three, said proudly, "I want to best represent my breed. I want to protrude short and dense from my Lab's hindquarters. I want to swipe rapidly and exuberantly when my Lab is happy, to stand tall when my Lab alerts and retrieves, and to sway slowly when I sense danger or feel the need to protect my Lab or his humans."

And so the three found themselves attached to the Labs of their dreams: Yellow Tail to our Elsie; Black Tail to our Baxter; and Red Fox Tail to our Ridge.

Each has made their Labs the Labs of our dreams.

And that's the Tale of Three Tails. :o)

'Til next time,

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