Friday, March 18, 2005


They want to help me carry the laundry. They want to help me pick up the mail. They want to help me do the dishes. They want to help me sweep the floor. They want to help me weed the flower beds, drive the car, and bring in groceries.

What helpers they are!

And who are these wonderful helper wannabes? None other than Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge.

I kid you not. They follow me everywhere, pushing their snouts into whatever I'm doing. And they make it nearly impossible to get anything done. Try sweeping a floor with two Labs trying to guide the broom head with their noses. You get the idea.

Vacuuming is another story. Nobody wants to help me run the vacuum. In fact, all three scurry outside when the beast (aka vacuum cleaner) comes out of hiding. Hmmmm. I wonder why.

I should vacuum more often. ;o)

Ridge is the gentlest of the helpers. He usually just sits and watches (see photo above). The other two are more active in their desire to help. I suppose that will change as they grow older.

But for now it's infuriatingly fun.

'Til next time,


Splash said...

Splash likes to help me tie my shoes. Especially when the training bag is packed, the "traveling" collar is on him, the leash is laid ready, and I'm putting on the special "agility" shoes.

He stick his big head right down to watch me tie them. Of course I cannot tie them without seeing what I'm doing, but he really thinks he's speeding things along.

Nancy said...

I have adopted a young chocolate lab and in the short 2 days I have had her, I have found that what you said is soooo true! (Herwryness pointed me in you direction when she saw post on my blog about adopting a lab.)