Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blogger Photo Posting

Okay, I just had to try the new blogger photo posting option (instead of using Picasa). Here's the Elsie squirt sound asleep in Daddy Don's arms. Oh, and yes, those are Ridge's feet on the far right of the picture (he's snuggled between the recliner and the end table next to Don): everybody has wanted to be near "Dad" since he came home.

I guess I'll have to post this to see how it comes out. Picasa (the previous method I used for picture posting) was fine, but the photos had to be posted separately from the blog entries. Now Blogger is allowing us to put photos in the blog entries, and for free no less.

If you use blogger and want more info on how to post images, just go to blogger images. It's easy to do, and it allows you to place your photos into your blog text according to one of three layout options (align left, align right, or center alignment). And you can choose your image to be one of three sizes (this is the medium size). I'll experiment with other photos in other posts.

Well, here the Elsie girl is snuggled on DH's lap; safe, secure, and thoroughly content. If she were anyone but Elsie, I might be jealous.

'Til next time,

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