Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ridge Update

Ridge is home and doing fine. He's still a bit woozy (walks like a drunken sailor). And he sleeps most of the time. Pain meds and antibiotics are managing his post-root-canal trauma just fine.

Back in April, when they tried to perform the root canal on the tooth Ridge snapped off, Ridge's tooth wouldn't stop bleeding. So the docs put a temporary filling and cap on the tooth to let it settle down. They said they'd finish the job in two months. Yesterday was the root canal completion.

Now all we have to do is fork out another $800 for the permanent crown (yet to come).

Ridge seems fine. His mouth and tooth are functional. You wouldn't even know he broke the upper canine tooth. But if we hadn't done anything, he would've lived in pain or been susceptible to infection. So....

He's SO sweet when he's sedated. :o) He just wants to snuggle and sleep. But that's not our Ridge; not the real Ridge. And I'd miss him in the long run if he stayed this way.

The hiatus is nice, but I can't wait for Ridge to be himself again.

He will be soon.

'Til next time,

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