Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Heat Wave

It's only mid-June and we (including the canine kids) have had enough of the triple H weather that's been lingering in the Northeast since early last week: Hazy, Hot, and Humid.

Today the heat index is supposed to be 105 degrees (heat plus humidity). Temps in the 90s all day plus high humidity make for lazy days and irritability. It's just too early in the season for a heat wave (especially for those of us who do not have central air conditioning). None of us has had time to acclimate.

Elsie in particular doesn't seem to tolerate the heat well. Baxter and Ridge, other than panting and drinking more, don't show signs of noticing the heat; they're still rambunctious and want to play and will run around the yard. Elsie, on the other hand, doesn't even want to go outside (remarkable for our outdoor girl). She just wants to stretch out on the floor and do nothing. She's stopped eating, too.

She's worrying me a bit. She's just not herself. I think it truly is the heat, but I'll keep an eye on her just in case. I suppose I should remember that this is her first full summer (she's only 10 months old), and that even humans get sluggish in this kind of heat. We should expect no less from our canine friends. Elsie's coat also differs from Ridge's and Baxter's, so she may not be as heat tolerant.

She does, however, like ice cubes. I've been handing out ice cubes like crazy (good thing we have an ice maker). At least that way I'll know she says hydrated.

It's still cooler in the house than outside, largely because we run a whole-house fan all night with the windows open, then we turn off the fan and close the windows in the heat of the day. We then use small room fans to circulate the cooler air. That's where Elsie seems to like to hang out these days. There, or at the base of my office door (my office has a room air conditioner) where she gets the cooler breeze. She'd love to hang out in the office with me (and she will when she gets older), but for now she gets into too much trouble.

We're supposed to get a break on the heat late this week. Then, we'll see how Elsie responds.

Hopefully her recent sluggishness is just weather related. I certainly hope she's not pregnant (how could she be?).

'Til next time,

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Kiwi's Mom said...

It has been unbearable here in Rochester too, Kiwi (and now Icon) have not wanted to play outside much at all lately. I can't say that I blame them, I wouldn't want to run around outside in this weather with a fur coat on either! I'm sure Elsie is not pregnant, don't stress out about it!