Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Well, the temperatures here in southeastern PA finally feel like winter. Today, the highs are only in the teens (F), and with wind-chill factored in, it feels more like single digits or zero and below.

It's about time. It is January 20th after all.

It's funny how we acclimate (or don't) based on how weather fluctuates. If it gets cold and stays cold, bitter temps don't bother us. We get used to them. The roller coaster winter we've had so far, however, hasn't allowed us to adjust to the cold. When one day it's 50s and 60s (F), and the next day it's 20s, our bodies don't have time to adapt.

The same goes for the canine kids, of course. So with this latest blast of arctic chill, our wood stove has grown increasingly popular. Especially with the girls:

Yes, they'll go outside and romp for a bit (we're careful not to let them romp outside too long when it's this cold). But then they bee-line for the hearth.

And if Elsie and Kenya get their first, little Pinot just walks right on top of them and wriggles herself in between for the choice "hot" spot. Wood stove + body warmth on both sides = cozy snuggle place. And snuggle they do. The three girls. Happy together, content to keep each other warm.

I don't know why Baxter and Ridge don't join in. They seem content (and warm enough) on their own or in our laps. :o) They rarely, if ever, pile the way the girls do.

Maybe it's the female social (pack) thing vs. the wandering male independence thing. Who knows?

It's just sweet to see them "needing" each other.

'Til next time,


Kayceebeebee said...

That is so cute! I can't believe it. Do they just sit there and watch the fire?

It's cold here in MN, too. Below zero temps for several days now and more below zero for a few more days. Burr!

Joan said...

Yes, kaycee, they do just watch the fire. Especially Elsie and Pinot -- they both just stare and stare and stare as if mesmerized. And they don't get too hot (amazing to me with how close they get).

It's very sweet and soothing to see them so peaceful. And, believe it or not, they are truly peaceful for much of the day when they're watching the fire (not typical Lab behavior). Especially when it's cold like it is today.

I'll bet you're cold out there in MN! Bundle up and stay warm!

Kath said...

Toooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

The girls are just beautiful!

Viewer said...

Hi Joan,

I stumbled on ur blog while searching for some information. I have a 5yr old female lab who was mated on 3rd Dec07. Last week she completed 45 days of preganancy and she is showing all the signs of a pregnant dog. I jus want to know will it be ok if i take her for a xray this weekend to know the number of pups inside.

or Do i have to do it as soon as possibile.

Joan said...

Kath and SundancerLabs :o)

Yup, they sure are cute. They've been a godsend these past several weeks when life has been so grim.

Gotta luv 'em.

Scratch Bentley and the Sundancer gang (especially Copper, of course) behind the ears for me. :o)


Joan said...

Congrats, Viewer!

Sounds like you have about two weeks to go!

Yes, do have the x-ray done for sure (I just e-mailed you directly in detail). It's important to have an idea of how many puppies to expect so you can recognize if the dam is having difficulty. And the x-ray is safe for both mom and pups.

And, if you can stand waiting, it's probably better to wait until the weekend anyway since the puppies will have more fully developed spines by then, which makes them easier to count. :o)

45 days is just the earliest you can have it done (based on puppy development) and have a reliable idea of how many puppies are there (I think we had Elsie x-rayed at day 48).

I hope it goes well!


JuliaR said...

The glance back over the shoulder just slays me.

Kate said...

What a lovely set of pictures, there is something about firelight that has that mesmirising effect. Unfortunately, Jed my 16 week old lab went a little further than that last week and put his nose on the glass of our fire, let out a right yelp. I've had to find the baby fireguard out of the garage, hopefully he's learn't the hard way and won't do it again.

Joan said...


Yes, I absolutely love that picture. DH was watching a hunting show on TV while the girls were watching the fire when one of the hunters on the TV did a duck call. All three turned at that moment to listen more closely.

It was great timing (I had to take about 20 shots to get this one). :o)

Joan said...


POOR JED! The sweet little guy.

I was so worried Pinot would do the same thing, but she seemed to follow Elsie's and Kenya's lead the first time she got near the wood stove.

She hasn't tried to lick it or touch it yet. I'm hoping now she's been around it enough where she won't.

Give Jed a big sympathetic scratch behind the ears for me. Poor little guy!