Monday, January 28, 2008

Size Comparison: Smaller than You Think

Some of you have commented on how big you think Pinot has become. And yes, indeed, she's growing up and is far bigger now at five months old than she was a month or two ago.

But compared to our gang, she's still quite petite. And compared to her littermates, she tiny (running at least 10 to 15 pounds lighter than the other pups we've heard about).

Here are a few pictures for comparison. They're not great (I normally don't post my poor shots), but they'll show you how she's shaping up. She's still shorter than all the rest of our gang -- the only thing bigger are her Dumbo ears!

Take a look.

Here she is (in the middle) with Ridge (back) and Kenya (front):

Here she is with just Ridge:

And here, she's next to Baxter (he's in the middle, Kenya is behind him):

And in this shot, she's on the far right, Kenya is in the middle, Baxter is on left. Pinot is still a good two inches shorter than Kenya and easily four inches short than our giant Boos.

This is pretty much how she's appeared for the last few weeks. She hasn't put on anymore height, though she still may. For now it seems she's focusing on filling out a little (not much, though).

So, the Pinot Squirt is still pretty small, despite how she looked in yesterday's post. I think she'll stay on the smaller side too, especially since she's so much smaller than the other pups from her litter.

But we'll see. :o) It's always a crap shoot with puppies, no matter how hard you try to choose well.

'Til next time,
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JuliaR said...

I think there's a place for small Labs, namely my place. :)