Saturday, January 19, 2008

Guess Who Did It?

Notice the bright red ink stains on the carpet.

Now, pray tell, whoever could've done such a thing?

Hmmmmm...I wonder....

Yup, you guessed: it's the Pinot squirt! :o)

She may look a whole lot bigger, but she's still every bit the puppy she should be. After all, she's still shy of five months old.

And puppies and red pens don't mix.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...I left her out unattended with the rest of the gang just long enough for me to use the bathroom (not long... honest!). :o)

Poor little thing--it wasn't her fault DH left a red ink pen on the coffee table right at puppy-eye-level and within reach.


I really had to laugh; the little girl had so much ink on her, we had no trouble identifying the culprit.

Pinot is turning out to be a sweet, gentle, intelligent yet low-key little girl (just like her mom). A few ink stains are nothing compared to the joy and smiles she gives us each day.

And so it goes. No harm done to her (thankfully). And who cares about a carpet? It's just a material thing.

' Til next time,
Joan (who still giggles about Pinot's red toenails -- I couldn't have done a better job if I'd painted them myself!)


sundancerlabs said...

I love Pinot's manicure! Copper's eating a 5 gallon bucket (with help) wasn't near as colorful! What a stinker! Hugs and ear rubs to your gang from ours!

JuliaR said...

Why do they do these things, I wonder? You could try some Tide Pen on those carpet spots. It works great with ketchup and even red wine, although I haven't tried it on ink.

Cheryl said...

You sound like me. I've always said that I would take my dogs over anything material in my house any day! You just can't beat dog love....even when it does eat your sofa!