Sunday, January 27, 2008

Like Mom or Dad?

So who does Pinot resemble more? Ridge or Elsie?

Here she is at officially five months old:

Now here are Ridge (l) and Elsie (r):

In temperament, she seems to have the best of both parents: Elsie's easy-going, low-key nature and bird awareness; Ridge's strong nose (Pinot's always tracking something) and eagerness to please. She's also a nice blend of independence and affection. We couldn't have asked for a better combination of personality traits.

But we can't quite figure out who she looks like more. She has Ridge's coat color, bigger ears, and big feet, but she has Elsie's dark nose, hip structure, and sway (boy, does Pinot have the "sway" down pat!). We're not sure about body type (too soon to tell).

So what do you all think?

Just wondering (and of course, Pinot still has a LOT of growing to do, but she's still comparitively very small).

'Til next time,
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Professor J said...

I'm thinking she looks like dad. Beautiful doggies.

kayceebeebee said...

A nice combination of both beautiful labs! They sure are pretty! My first thought was ....Pinot looks big but then you added the last paragraph about her being very small so its probably just the picture that makes her look big. Anyway, they sure are nice looking labs.

L^2 said...

She's definitely a cutie, that's for sure. :-) And to me she looks more like Ridge.

powder-puff said...


Nice to meet you!

I really enjoyed reading some of your blog!!

lots of love!

peace out

Jamie said...

Hi Joan,

We think she looks like them both.

Joan said...

Well, the votes here and in private e-mails (and in one phone call!), say Pinot favors Ridge.

I'm really not so sure. I think, the KCBC and Jamie, she may end up being a combination of both.

She does, indeed, have her Dad's coloring and head shape.

But she's so like Elsie in other ways.

Hmmm...maybe we'll just have to wait a year until she's closer to 18 months old to see for sure.

You just never know with puppies -- they all develop so differently!

Thanks for the input. :o)


Kathy said...

I think her face looks most like Elsie.

Anonymous said...

She has her dad's eyes, nose and facial structure. But her Mom's shoulders

Juditudes said...

Such fun! We can't help ourselves, can we? When there is a new baby in a family, whether it's a labeauty like Pinot, or in our case, a new grandbaby (Addison), we look for those darling DNA kisses that says 'she's ours!'

Even as expectant parents, doesn't everyone hope that their child will get the best traits of mom and dad? Who hasn't said the prayer, "please don't let my baby turn out like weird Uncle Al?!"

So I wonder what Elsie and Ridge would say about Pinot if they could?

Maybe Momma Elsie would say, to paraphrase Mary Poppins, "Pinot's a practically perfect puppy in every way!"
And Papa Ridge would say "Move over, it's my turn on Daddy Don's lap."

Whaddya think?