Monday, January 21, 2008

Speaking of Winter

I wish we'd get some real winter weather here.

Granted, it's cold outside (all of 12 degrees F right now at 8 a.m.). And it's supposed to be cold for a few days.

But we haven't had any snow to speak of (unlike our neighbors to the north and northeast who've really been dumped on, as have the hearty folks in the upper mid-west).

A whopping two inches of snow fell here last week, and the snow lasted for all of about six hours (temps shot up into the fifties again, and the snow turned to rain). Bummers.

Knowing the white stuff wouldn't last, I (or course) grabbed my nifty new camera and herded the gang outside for snow romping, even though it was nearly dark outside. We had to make sure Pinot experienced snow!

So here's the little girl figuring it out:

She's a little cutie-puh-tootie (as DH calls her). And very observant (she's watching snowflakes in the last shot).

No bias, of course. :o)

She loves to romp, too, and a little cold stuff under her feet didn't stop her (notice the ear flap effect -- she was really moving!):

Her favorite way to romp is with the gang, especially with Kenya, her official romp buddy (notice Kenya's tail in Pinot's mouth -- the little imp!):

Pinot loves her gang. And the gang loves her. They're all buds.

And they all love us, including Pinot.

I wondered at first. Growing up with the pack as she has, Pinot might have become more attached to them than to us.

I needn't have worried. She's a people dog, heart and soul. And we're her "people."

But she loves her canine buds, too. That's as it should be.

Come snow or rain, we're a family -- all of us together.

I suppose that's how I should look at the bumps of recent weeks, too. Come snow or rain (what I want or what I don't want), we're in it together. And we can still romp, even when it rains.

The fact that we even have each other is a gift all by itself. Pinot seems to know that intuitively.

I know it, too. I just forget sometimes.

So, here's to remembering and appreciating our gangs, whoever they may be!

'Til next time,


Mary said...

There is nothing better than watching a dog experience snow for the first time. : ) Your little Pinot is such the cutie as are all your dogs. It snowed here for a few minutes and we took our puppy out but she was to busy looking at us and wondering why we weren't coming out to play to notice the snowflakes. Oh well.....have fun in the rain or snow with your buddies!

JuliaR said...

Fantabulous! Not all dogs look up. My old Lab didn't so I was fascinated when Rockwell did. I remember Uma with her first butterfly - that was wonderful.

kate Flynn said...

OOOOh snow, i can't wait to introduce some to our pup, blow a bit over the pond to me would you Joan ~:0)

Joan said...


I didn't know that not all dogs will look up. We've never had one that didn't (I guess retrievers have to if they're going to mark birds).

Do you have any idea why? I'm just curious.

It sounds like you really loved (and miss) Uma -- even after having Rockwell. She sounds like she was a wonderful dog.

Thanks for commenting!


Joan said...


We'll try to send some snow your way, but we have to get some first!!!

Our snow (the one in these pictures) lasted all of about six hours. :o(

The folks up in upstate New York, however, have had about 3 feet of snow in the last two weeks (and it stays!). That's what I call snow. :o)

Maybe they can send some both our ways. ;o)

Enjoy that pup of yours... Jed is awfully cute!


Joan said...


Pinot sure is a cutie, I must agree.

Your pup sounds awfully sweet! Enjoy her while she's a pup; it doesn't last long.

Pinot is turning out to be so sweet and gentle that she barely acts like a puppy with us at all (although she's ALL pup when she plays with Kenya).

Aren't puppies just the best?!


JuliaR said...

Joan, as much as I love dogs, I have only had two of them so I wouldn't say I was an expert! Uma looked up (she wasn't handicapped or anything) but not with any interest. She didn't sit and observe birds or rain or hot air balloons like Rockwell did. She never watched tv either but Rockwell did. But I have observed other dogs who weren't interested in anything much that wasn't under their noses and so I thought more dogs were like Uma than hyper observant like Rockwell. He was surely a sensitive dog! But for all that Uma didn't care about birds, and she could be mighty aloof about people too, she was the strong silent type. She guarded her stuff (our house and car and us) in a dignified manner. She wasn't a cuddler (which is why I took advantage of her infirmities in the last year to cuddle her a lot - she couldn't run away!) but she was a great barometer of whatever my husband was feeling. I just had to look at her to know what mood he was in! I think it was her total package that we loved so much, not just any one thing.