Monday, June 16, 2008

Announcing Master Green

Regular Reader knows we're "losing" Baxter -- our big galoot of a couch-potato black Lab, all 110 pounds of him -- in July when he moves to Maine with DD and her new husband. Baxter is our neutered male and a wonderful family guy -- I'll miss him terribly. He's my Boos!

But it will be a good move for the Boos (he thrives on 1:1 with his humans), and he will be a needed comfort for Sarah and Chris in Maine, especially for Sarah while Chris gets used to med school. The young couple gets married in just two weeks, then goes on their honeymoon (to St. Lucia) for a week, then returns here for three weeks, then moves to Maine where Chris starts grad school. It's a bunch of transitions for them in a very short time (Sarah just graduated from UDel two weeks ago), and Baxter will be a loving constant for them through so much change.

Regular Reader also knows that our long-term plan for Stoney Ridge Labs (our small breeding endeavor) was to eventually invest in a black male Lab for siring litters when we retire our current stud, Ridge.

Well, folks (drum roll, please...), we found our new studly. Here he is...all three-weeks-old of him, Master Green:

Master Green (called so for his green ribbon -- as yet unnamed) is coming to us from the folks who adopted our former Mr. Blue (now called Copper) last fall: Sundancer Labs, out in Arizona. Theresa, the Sundancer gang's "mom," took this photo of Master Green and sent it to us just last week. For more litter photos, you can track their progress at the Sundancer Labs' planned litters page.

Here are a few other shots, compliments of Theresa:

That's him there flat out on his back -- sleeping just like Elsie and Pinot. :o)

It looks like Theresa and I will be double in-laws (she has Copper, from our Elsie/Ridge litter, and we'll have Master Green from her most recent Ellie/Max litter). We're family twice over!

In mid-July, I'm flying out to AZ for a quick overnight to pick up Master Green and carry him back with me on the plane -- he'll be just over eight weeks old then.

And this way, Baxter, Sarah, and Chris will all get to "meet" him before they move. And we'll have over five weeks to acclimate him here before Elsie would be due with her next litter (we're expecting her to go into heat any time now).

It's great timing, and we're thrilled to be getting a Sundancer Lab. And Master Green fits the bill for our investing in a sound, solidly pedigreed, black Lab male from a wonderful breeder.

And from what I hear, he's quite a kisser!


We'll keep you informed, but so far so good -- Master Green seems to be developing nicely.

So are we crazy or what?

And, not to worry: no one will ever replace the Boos in my heart. I'll just have to create a new spot for Master Green (truth be told, I already have)! ;o)

'Til next time,


L^2 said...

ANOTHER puppy, already?! All I can say is wow! Oh, and of course he's sooooo cute. :-)

Joan said...

Well, since we're in puppy mode with Pinot already, we thought it best to just do the puppy thing all at once (we did this with our human kids, too -- had three kids in less than four years -- and with absolutely no regrets).

And Master Green will be it -- no more. So we'll max out at five here on site, since Baxter will be in Maine. And five is what we have now. So it should be just fine.

And puppyhood lasts so short a time; by next year at this time we'll be all set. :o)

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


Anonymous said...

You know the old saying, "where God closes one door, he always opens another." Could Master Green be any cuter? He looks like a wonderful addition to your family. I know Pinot will have a great time playing with him and they can wear each other out! : ) Congrats to you all!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the new family member!! He's SOOO cute!!!

Viewer said...

yaahhooo.... cant wait to see more of green

juditudes said...

My DH and I are falling hopelessly in love with your labs. Got a kick out of seeing all the sibling pups of Master Green (can't wait to hear what you will christen him).
DH and I will like to volunteer our time and hugs to be 'socializers' of any of your upcoming litters, if you'll have us. We think it would be a blast!