Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pinot Tries Out the Pool :o) (Videos)

We're in the middle of our first (and quite sudden) heat wave -- indexes over 100 degrees (F), temperatures over 95 degrees (F), full sun, NO breeze, and high humidity.

Considering that our spring season has been quite cool (well below average temps), the heat comes as quite a shocker. Our bodies have had no time to acclimate.

Neither have the dogs' and that makes it that much more dangerous.

So we're romping in the morning (when it's only HOT, not dangerous) and staying inside in central air during the day. Then we romp outside again in the evening after it starts to cool off.

Yesterday mid-morning, on our first truly hot day, I pulled out the little blue pools for the canine kiddos to tucker themselves out in (I stack two for pawing/toenail factor).

Remember, this is the first time Pinot has seen the pool since last fall when she was a young pup still romping with her litter. Our early water exposures for the pups appear to have paid off.

The following clip captures her checking it out (notice Elsie in the background, too). Pinot is tentatively curious at first (but not shy in the least), then Elsie comes to help her out:

This next clip captures Pinot becoming more comfortable (Kenya and Ridge wander in on the action, too). She actually puts all four feet in the pool. :o)

And she LOVES hose spray (her incentive to jump right in).

In this next one, Pinot demonstrates her commitment to keeping the hose IN the pool. Elsie likes the hose OUT of the pool, but Pinot prefers to play with its spray in the water.

Then, once Pinot wins the battle of where the hose will stay, she goes to town keeping the pool empty so the hose water has a place to run (hint: her paws are faster than the incoming water). :o)

I can't wait to get her to the cottage to swim. And I'll just bet she'll jump from the dock.

With the wedding just three weeks away, I doubt we'll get to the cottage before July, but that's just as well. The lake water (spring fed and quite cold) doesn't warm up until July anyway, and we don't want to set these guys up for another cold-water-tail experience.

So in the meantime, the pool and hose will have to do.

You should see Pinot with hose spray. I'll post about that next -- no fear in her at all.

'Til next time,


Mary said...

Pinot looks just like my Lab puppy with her pool and the hose! Guess Labs are really a like in so many ways! Our puppy loves to put her whole head under the water and then go around in circles. Thatis hilarious to watch!

Joan said...

Hi Mary,

Ridge does the head-swish thing, too. He submerges his entire face, then does swirlies, comes up to breathe, then does it again!

It is hilarious -- can't help but smile.

I wonder if they just like cooling off their faces, just like we do when it's hot.

Enjoy that pup of yours!


Meesh said...

Do you have any good methods to dry ears after swimming? I just had Chester to the vet last night with a bacterial infection in his ear-probably from him playing in the stream. Vet suggested an ear cleaner with ammonia. Any other ideas? Thanks!! Chester's Mom