Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pinot and Hose Spray

In this clip, son Daniel is taking the video while I'm running the hose.

Pinot, who apparently loves the water (yay!), really doesn't like the "shower" setting on the hose nozzle. She prefers the hard, straight stream (what we use to clean the deck) in full force.

My protective, mommy-heart fears that water on the straight-stream setting will hurt -- it seems so hard and fast. But Pinot loves it this way. As you'll see in this clip, when I switch the nozzle to the gentler "shower" setting (what we use to water flowers), she really doesn't enjoy it.

She's as goofy as a cat chasing a laser light.

What a girl.

But I will say that between the pool play and the hose play, she was good-and-tuckered-out for the long day indoors (we did all this water play before 10 a.m.). She wasn't even rammy. :o)

And that, truth be told, was the plan: plenty of cool exercise (not running -- too hot) in the morning, then rest inside through the heat of the day.

That will be the plan for tomorrow and the next day, too. We have heat warnings in effect until Tuesday night.

Yee haw.

I know -- 100-degree-plus heat indexes are nothing for your south and southwestern folks (or you readers out there from the Middle East, Australia, and Africa). But for us here in the mid-Atlantic states, it's HOT (and very early in the season for this kind of heat).

The humidity, most will tell you, is what makes it so uncomfortable. I personally think it's both -- the heat and the humidity -- especially if you're unaccustomed.

And for animals (and humans) it can be dangerous (heat stroke during heat waves here is common).

So we'll be doing morning pool play, afternoon slumbering inside in air conditioning, and late evening romps with the canine crew.

Oh, and they'll be eating boatloads of ice cubes (a favorite treat at our house).

At least the heat wave is this weekend (and not Sarah's wedding weekend, we hope).

'Til next time,


Russ said...

Hi Joan,
This is exactly what Nala does when we fire up the hose. She chases the stream of water and tries to bite it. I have a great shot of her playing in the sprinkler trying to chew on the streams of water. She's chomping at the bit to go in our swimming pool.
FYI, Nala is up to 70.4 lbs as of Friday when she visited the vet, which was surprising. She looks lighter than that and, to me, still looks "compact" for a lab. Cheers!

Joan said...

Hi Russ,

Nala sounds a little bigger than Pinot (but not much). Pinot is FINALLY starting to thicken up a bit (no longer looking so much like a gazelle). She's still shorter than Elsie and Kenya, so I'm hoping she stays about the same height she is now (and she well could).

I'll bet Nala wants to go into your pool! :o) Pinot and Nala sound like peas in a pod. :o)

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. And give Nala a pat on the head for us from her gang out here.