Monday, June 09, 2008

Heat Health

It's 90 degrees (F) already, and it's only 10 a.m.


Heat indexes for today are supposed to top 105 degrees.

Double yuk.

So, in honor of our early, ridiculously hot, heat wave (especially for June), I thought I'd refresh myself on heat-health for our canine loved ones.

Here's what I can recall:

1. Water, water, and more water. :o) Yup, keep 'em hydrated, even if that means using a fresh-water-filled (clean water, folks), gigunda, blue-plastic water bowl (hehe):

Oh, and the more the merrier!

2. If the blue-plastic water-bowl method doesn't work. Try ice cubes. They're a favorite at our house year round.

3. Shade, shade, and more shade. :o)

4. Or keep them indoors in air conditioning during the heat of the day (don't forget to provide access to fresh drinking water indoors, too). They may not be happy, and they may be bored, but at least they'll be safe. :o)

5. Remember how quickly car interiors and macadam surfaces heat up. Dogs left in hot cars die. And dogs walking on overheated pavement burn their pads, often before you realize how hot it's become.


Okay... this is officially NUTS! I've been trying to upload pictures and post today's entry on blogger for over four hours. Aaaaargh....

No more pictures today (sorry). I'll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, for more information on pet heat safety, check out these articles at AKC:

Canine Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety

Don't Overheat Your Hound!

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

Your videos are hilarious. Crazy water dogs! Or is that water-crazy dogs? We at least have wind up here with the heat, although it has died down just now - maybe in anticipation of a thunderstorm. We are at 82 with a humidex of 100 today. Whew.

Joan said...

Hi Julia,

I think they're all a bit water-crazy! :o)

No wind here. Just hot and terribly humid. And today the heat index is 108 (the temp is supposed to hit 98).

BUT the weather is supposed to break tonight (storms rolling through, then lower humidity - yay!).

Stay cool up north! :o)


Mary said...

Down here in Louisiana we have to walk our Hope at 6:00 am in the morning when it is just humid and not hot yet. After the sun comes up, to quote the Sopranos, "fugetaboutit."

Down here, May until October it is usually 90+ degrees with humidity up the ying yang. Good times. Our lab stays in her pool most of the time or in the house or eating ice cubes as well.

Stay cool and have fun with the kids in the pool!

Joan said...

Wow, Mary, and your gang must be hearty souls to live in Louisiana. High temps and humidity all the time -- do you ever get used to it?

Maybe that's where those infamous lazy summer afternoon images come from -- it's probably way too uncomfortable to do anything in the afternoon down south.

And sipping sweet tea on a shady porch with friend (another stereotype, I'm sure) sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon (we're way TOO busy up here, don't you know).

Our problem here is that we don't acclimate to the heat well (not hot enough long enough) and we keep trying to live like we always do. So we always end up with heat-related deaths during these heat waves (eight people so far this time). No one seems to be prepared or willing to adjust their lifestyles. For some (the elderly, in particular), it's that they can't.

Not me, though -- I'm really happy to play in the water and nap in the afternoon. :l)

No wonder I love Labs so much.

Stay cool!