Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Eventful Few Days

So... I last posted Monday morning when it was hot.

Later Monday morning we discovered poor Kenya had lost her wag (from the cool-water bath Don had given her Sunday PM). Cold Water Tail; Broken Wag; Limber Tail Syndrome -- you know the drill.

Poor thing was miserable (more miserable than I've seen any of our dogs EVER when they've had Limber Tail Syndrome). She even whimpered.

Sarah (the soon to be married human child) sat with her.

Don sat with her (she's panting in distress in the photo below).

I sat with her; we all took turns. She really wanted human contact, and kept looking at us with those big brown pleading eyes, seeming to say "make it stop hurting."

And her tail and hind-end were completely still (that's just NOT her).

So we limited her activity, kept her with us but separate from the other dogs (to keep her calm), gave her baby aspirin, and let her rest for all of Monday and into Tuesday. It's just as well -- it was still dangerously hot here -- too hot to do anything anyway.

But Kenya seemed to rebound well, though not completely, by Tuesday afternoon (she returned to being our wiggle-girl). Baby aspirin and rest really did the trick.

Tuesday was hotter still (heat indexes to 108), then wild storms blew through knocking down trees and power lines all over our region.

We went without power from Tuesday evening through last night (thousands are still without power as I write this).

So I spent a good bit of time unloading freezer contents into coolers packed with ice so we wouldn't lose all our food in the heat.

And I spent a good deal of time getting water.

You see, no power here means no water (we have a well, and the well pump operates on electricity). It also means no central air.

On one of the hottest days of the year.
  • When ALL the kids were home (nobody away at college)
  • When ALL the kids are eating at home (no more meal plans)
  • When various kids had various other people here
  • When we were supposed to getting the house cleaned and ready for wedding visitors (ah, too bad; no electricity means no vacuum -- shucks!).
  • Oh, and also while DH was AWAY in Vancouver on business (poor soul missed all the excitement, again!).

And we have BIG humans AND five Labs to keep hydrated. :o)

Good thing we have a van. :o)

Today, things are back to relative normal. I repacked all the food from the coolers into the freezer and fridge.

Then I dumped the leftover ice:

You woulda thought it was Christmas -- Elsie, Kenya, and Pinot couldn't wait to get at it! You'd think their little pads would get cold -- geez!

Ahhhhhh...., but as far as they're concerned, there's nothing like ice-cold ice on a hot, sunny day (it's high 80s today -- finally a break!).

Stay cool (and safe!).

'Til next time,

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joan!
These pictures are funny! Dogs are a lot of fun. I am glad yours is feeling better. The heat has finally died down. I for one love the heat but I know it can be a killer for others. We are heading to Savannah GA over the 4th of July and it is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT there. I cannot wait!

Hope wedding things are moving along. Not too much longer. Take care and stay cool.