Saturday, May 28, 2011

And Then There Were Two

We're down to having just Master Green and Master Yellow now; Miss Pink, Miss Lime, Master Red, and Master Blue have gone to live with their forever families, and we couldn't be more delighted for them (wonderful, well-suited placements all!). :)

Their exits began Wednesday afternoon with Miss Lime, who was the first to leave. She is finding her forever home in New Jersey with one of DH's co-workers and her family (including three children ranging from eight to thirteen years old).  Her new mom e-mailed us yesterday to let us know all was well and that Miss Lime is now called "Libie" (short for "Libuse" which is of Czech origin). Here's Libie with her forever mom, taken on Wednesday when it was time to leave us:

We suspect Libie will fit right in with her new family and will enjoy a wonderful life there. And DH will be able to get regular updates about her at work! :)

Master Red, now called Toby (I think that's how it's spelled), left us for a wonderful home not too far away. His forever dad called us yesterday to let us know how well Toby has been doing. :)  We're tickled with the mutual joy they're finding (and will undoubtedly find) in each other.  Here's Toby with his new dad:

Toby is entering a family full of love (and grandkids!) and solid Lab experience, and I suspect he and his new dad will end up being special buds for many years to come. :) 

Thursday brought Miss Pink's turn to meet and go with her family, also to New Jersey. It was beastly hot here on Thursday (and very humid), so Miss Pink wasn't quite herself when her family arrived (I felt awful!). But by the time the details were done and they were ready to go Miss Pink was up to her usual "pip"-ness.  She's entering a caring, active family with loads of Lab experience, and where she'll be loved to pieces and (we suspect, in time) will become her new dad's special hunting companion.

As of the writing, we don't know Miss Pink's new name, but we know she's being loved and enjoyed and well cared for.

Then last evening, it was Master Blue's turn.  Now called "Brady"  he has a new best friend in his new 2.5 year old human pack member. Brady and his new little human played and romped and played while they were here (and last week, too, when the family came to look at the pups), and Brady was absolutely fabulous with him (well-behaved, submissive, and seeming to recognize that this little human buddy wasn't quite as big and strong as big humans).   It's amazing how Labs just seem to know.

We couldn't ask for a better placement for Brady. His new mom and dad seem like wonderful people, and they're tickled with him and with his interactions with their son.  We, in turn, are tickled with the home they'll be providing him.

So that leaves two: Master Green and Master Yellow.  No inquiries or leads for them yet, but we know they have special families awaiting them somewhere.  In the meantime, they'll hang here with us, and we'll begin potty/crate training, and will continue working on basic manners and obedience 1:1 with them, too. Both are handsome, lovely boys who, like the rest, love ice cubes, especially in this heat!

So that's the latest on the pups. :)

With placements like these -- wonderful, attentive, caring owners who love Labs and who we know will do right by the pups -- it's easy (well... relatively) for me to let go. Oh sure, I shed a tear or two (I do love the little guys), but we raise them to bring joy to others, and that's exactly what's happening. It's what we breed them to do.

We have no doubt the pups will reach their full potentials with the families they've been given.
So, a hearty thanks to the families (and please do remember we're here for you should you have any questions or if things arise or even just to touch base).  We're glad you're part of our extended Lab family now, and we truly couldn't be more pleased.

Now, the other two puppies need my attention.  And so it goes.

Until next time,


From Mary's Pen said...

Beautiful, beautiful babies... I know the families will be thrilled with their gorgeous new friends. Mr. Blue especially stole my heart, (his beautiful face reminded me of our old girl, Brandy), so I'm thrilled to see he's getting a friend to grow up with. :) Congrats to the pups and their new families. I'm positive the two left will find their forever families very soon. Congrats, Joan, on a job well done!

Mango said...

I hope the two little misters find wonderful homes soon. Their brothers and sisters are changing people's lives. Nothing like a lab pup to make one happy (well, OK, maybe a mastiff).

Mango Momma

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh the happy smiles and tails!!!

Thanks fur sharing them!


-DSD said...

I'm pretty sure the picture with Toby (Mr. Red) and his forever dad kissing him is the CUTEST picture I have ever seen. That picture completely encompasses what love is.

LSBF consultant said...
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Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear that the pups have found such wonderful homes! How are the other two doing without all their littermates?

Anonymous said...

This is not the first of your posts I've read, and you never cease to amaze me. Thank you, and I look forward to reading more.

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