Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Pups' First Outdoor Adventure

Today is a day of firsts:  the first day of a new month and the first time the pups encountered the great outdoors.

What follows are four separate shorter videos.

  1. The first is of the pups being brought out to the outdoor pen (on our rear deck). Remember, they've never felt the sun, they've never sniffed the wind, they've never heard birds or wind chimes or lawn mowers. The outdoors is completely unknown to them.
  2. The second is of their first time using the water bowls outdoors and of their first experience eating outdoors (they have already had these experiences indoors).
  3. The third is their post-meal reactions.
  4. The fourth is their first time being with Elsie outdoors.

You may notice the pups panting. Just so you know, they are not hot (it's only 65 degrees F with a breeze, and it's cloudy). Panting can be a sign of stress, and the pups are a little stressed (in a good way) over their first experience outdoors. You'll see they're playing and eating and romping, but they are a bit subdued. You may also notice them mostly staying together and yawning (another indicator of stress). A little stress for pups at this age is good for their development; too much can be detrimental.

So, we make sure they have some of what they know already outdoors with them (Daddy Don, Momma Joan, Aunt Jeanie, Cousin Kristin, their water bowls, their food, their fleece, their toys, etc.). And once they've had the chance to try things out on their own, we bring Elsie into the outdoor pen for a little added security and comfort after braving their new world for a bit.

Enjoy! I've got lots of still shots to edit and will post those in a little bit. In the meantime, have fun watching this wonder-filled milestone in the pups lives!

1. The Great Outdoors!

2. The Great Outdoors Includes Water and Food!

3.  Outdoor After their Meal:

4. Momma Elsie Makes the Great Outdoors All Better:

What brave puppies! Remember, they're only 4.5 weeks old and they've only just learned to walk in the last 10 days. I'd say they did quite well outdoors for the first time!

And they've proven to be quite photogenic. Stay tuned for still shots yet to come.

Until then,


Charlene said...

Great videos. the 2nd video I couldn't watch because it was marked private.. Just wanted to let you know as I know sometimes on YouTube you have to change it to public. The pups are so cute.

Joan said...

Hey Charlene, Thanks for letting me know (puzzling since my default setting at YouTube is "public"). I went and reset the video to public. Hopefully it works now. Let me know! ;)

Charlene said...

The 2nd video works now. Thanks

Mango said...

Mr. Yellow needs to learn his table manners. They were very subdued their first time out. I suspect that won't last long.

Mango Momma