Friday, April 29, 2011

What's Behind the Image

So here's a picture of the ever-so-sweet, angelic, sleeping-so-serenely little squirts that I took yesterday afteroon.

What you may not realize is what happened behind the scenes right up until this picture of serenity was taken.  What follows is the seven minutes of settling down to sleep that occurred just before I shot the photo above (any dampness you see in on the whelping box floor is from their paws getting wet in the water bowl).  Yes, it's longer than any video I've put up here, but, hehe, I think you'll enjoy it all the same.  Here they are (at four weeks old!):


Anonymous said...

OH my ! already carrying things around !!! So very cute ~~ Thanks very much !!They are soo lovely ! Obvioussly LOOVEs water ! looked like they fell asleep just outside the water bowl !!!

Mango said...

Crazy puppies just don't know when to stop. My Dexter used to splash in the water bowl all the time when he was a puppy. Made it hard to keep any water around for poor old Mango.

Mango Momma

Charlie said...

I was totally spellbound!

JuliaR said...

Looking at the still, I was wondering who was buried under Miss Lime, with their head in the water bowl, blowing bubbles perhaps. I guess if they did end up with their nose under water, they'd struggle to get out?

In any case, too cute for words. They look like real dogs now!

Penny said...

Fabulous. Looks like Miss Pink wanted to carry on playing but gave up when everyone else headed for the pile :D