Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Weeks Old: A Photo Summary

Miss Lime grooms herself while Miss Pink chews on her.

The pups are all due for another manicure (they've had their nails clipped three times already).

Master Yellow


Action shot (sorry about the blur) of preliminary wrassling. Just wait until they get teeth!

C'mon Lime, play with me!

Not now, Blue.

Master Red watches Master Blue chew on Miss Lime.

Big stretch!

They're mouthing now (teeth will start coming in in the next week). Here Master Blue is attempting to chew on the PVC rail. 

Master Green, the little bear. :)

Meeting of the minds.

Miss Pink chews on Master Blue.

Master Blue gives it right back to Miss Pink.

It's tough to wrassle when you're just barely able to stand.

Master Green grooms himself.

Everybody up!

Master Blue decides to bulldoze his way through the pile.

Master Green (in rear on back) just wants to sleep.

Masters Green and Blue

The four boys (front to back - Masters Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) with Miss Pink (bottom front) providing head rest for Master Red.

They're finding their voices (even though their ears are still sealed).

The howl.

So forlorn (Momma Elsie just left the whelping box).


Lindana said...

Man they are soo cute, I am totally in love with them all, especially miss Lime.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness they are cute (and growing so fast)!!