Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cuteness Alert: Puppies Day 2

Miss Lime's butt is about the size of Elsie's paw.

You can still see a little of the light-green meconium staining Miss Lime entered the world with, but it's already faded quite a bit.

We're starting to see the puppies piling on top of each other. We love puppy piles!

The pups will get their nails trimmed today when both DH and I will be here and awake at the same time. Those tiny nails can shred Elsie's belly, so they need to be kept trimmed, and it's a two-person job (well for people can do it single-handedly) :)

All is safe under Momma Elsie's arm (well, front leg). :)

Love that shine (a shiny coat is one indicator that all is well).

They're sleepy little bears, especially at this stage when 95% of their time is spent sleeping

Even at this age, the differences in proportion begin to show. Miss Pink (girl-top center) and Master Yellow (boy -left), both 13.5 ounces at birth, were the last two born, arriving only 20 minutes apart.  Yet look at the difference in the widths of their heads (Master Red was born the previous day, so he's not the most accurate comparison). We suspect Miss Pink will be more like her mom and that Master Yellow may have the blocker head of his dad (our Tuc).

Gotta love the Yoda ears. :)


Mango said...

Miss Lime is going to be queen pup, I bet. The cuteness factor is making me dizzy.

Mango Momma

JackDaddy said...

I'm just trying to think how I would handle 6 labs AND puppies at the same time! :)

You have my utmost respect! :)