Friday, April 15, 2011

WWPV Introduces Whelping Box Wrassling

World Wrassling Puppy Version  (WWPV) is pleased to announce its first competitive contest:

On one side, Master Red; on the other, Master Green!

Observing are Masters Yellow and Blue; sleeping on the sidelines is Miss Lime. :) 

And what a bout it was, albeit short (a whopping 20 seconds). 

We'll have to call this one a draw, folks! :)

Now it's back to Sandman Land.

'til next time,


Penny said...

H'mmm, I'd have called it a clear win to Master Red by a rollover lol

Marguerite said...

Hi Joan ! I just recently discovered your Blog ! It is a pleasure !!! I think Elsie is just lovely !! All the pups are stars in my book ! I love Pinot as well !!! Oh I do feel sorry for you , when the time comes and you have to say good buy ! One of my babies had puppies and it was sooso difficult to let them go .

JuliaR said...

Good one Penny!

They are getting sturdier, if not more coordinated.